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In 1807 the „Schreibersche“ Brown Beer Brewery was built in a similar style to some other breweries during that time in Quedlinburg and environment. This brewery was overtaken by Carl-Friedrich Lüdde from Schöningen (Lower Saxony), who set the foundation stone for the development of the company, which was successful over three generations.

Because of its low alcohol volume, its light sweetness and its natural carbonic acid, our brown beer was a very popular public beverage. Just one day in advance the beer got brewed and filled into big wooden barrels. These were transported with a horse and cart, later with small trucks, to the customers in the streets.
Day by day the beer coachmen had a planned route to deliver the product and obviously the customers knew where they had to go. Jingling a bell loudly they tried to attract the attention of all people on the street and filled the popular brown beer in jugs, pots or buckets.





During every introduction the coachmen taught all new costumers how to use the immature beer. The buyer had to mix the brown beer half and half with water, then fill it into bottles. Afterwards they had to leave it for a couple of days to mature.

Often the thirst was bigger than the good will, therefore it was very difficult being patient. Or else, non-attention during the given explanation ended up fatally afterwards.Enjoying an immature beer results in indigestions, diarrhoea and flatulence. For that reason the public started calling the brown beer „Pubarschknall“ ("explosive fart").


The most successful period of the brewery was the 30’s. At that time the company supplied all costumers to a distance of 60 km surrounding Quedlinburg , from Magdeburg to the south of the “Harz” mountains, to Nordhausen and into the “Eichsfeld”. The horse and cart could not do this work any longer. That is why the brewery owned 14 motorised trucks to manage the far distances.

After the break during the years of war, in autumn 1945 Georg Lüdde reopened the “Lüdde” Brewery under difficult conditions. During the 60’s the volume of sales sunk year by year, because there were other more modern beverages on the market at that time. Moreover the equipment was fairly used and Georg Lüdde was already 65 years old.
As the brewery could not get any financial support as a private business in the former DDR, on the 1st the of October in 1966 the owner decided with a heavy heart to close down the brewery for ever.


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