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       Welcome to LÜDDE!

Our team wants to make your stay in Quedlinburg and in the environment unforgettable, because that is what the name “Lüdde” stands for. If you want to take part in a little virtual walk, you will learn about the UNESCO- Cultural World Heritage Quedlinburg. Moreover we will inform you about our historical private brewery and the neighbouring hotel area. Enjoy exploring our website. The Lüdde Team



The LÜDDE BREWERY was established in 1807as a company, which was traditionally owned by a family in Quedlinburg. You can hear more about the history of the brewery, if you will join us on a little flashback. There you can find an answer as to why the complex, built as a brown beer brewery, had to close down temporary on the 1st of October in 1966.

Dieter Lüedde

The TAVERN BREWERY has existed since 1992. But only the ambitious plans of the Clair family from Nordhausen made the recast of the building come true.
After 26 years of usage of the complex by the civic companies of the former DDR, the Lüdde Brewery was reopened and had a unique architecture.


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